Red Rock Country

Hi Everyone! 

Arrived in Sedona at noon after the drive from Tucson.  Not a bad drive at all compared to the previous day when we drove 12+ hours.  We went straight to the hotel to check in then headed out for some lunch.  We heard about a pizza place that was pretty good and ended up there.  After lunch we figured we should go and see the Chapel of the Holy Cross.Chapel of the Holy Cross

 Outside the Chapel, in the Red Rocks

This is a very famous chapel built up in the red rocks.  There is no services held there, it is just there for people to visit on their own.  We hiked up to the chapel and got to see the views from up there.  

P.S.  The views in Sedona are crazy beautiful and really indescribable.  The photos really don’t do it justice.  And, I took about 1 million photos and want to post them all but can’t so here are just a few.



Then went over to check out Tlaquepaque.  This is a shopping village that was modeled after an old Mexican village.  There was lots of shops and art gallery’s.  Then headed to uptown Sedona and walked around there.  Same things, lots of shops, gallery’s, and cool places to check out.  Went back to the hotel and showered up for dinner.  We went to dinner at Dahl and DiLucca’s, an Italian restauraunt here in Sedona.  It was owned by a couple and the husband was from Rome.   The food was the best Italian food I have had outside of Italy.  Really great homemade pastas, sauces and good seafood.  After dinner we headed home.

Woke up early this morning excited for the ATV’s we were going on later.  Went uptown to the Starbucks then had some breakfast at Wildflower Cafe which is like a super Panarea, really good.  After that it was time to head over to Sedona Off-Road where we rented our ATV’s.  They gave us a few maps on the 3 different trails that we would be on and a briefing on the ATV’s and then we were off.  We first went up Schnebley Hill Road.  This trail was the least intense of them all but still very cool.  By the time we reached the top, the elevation had changed by 1000 feet.  Sedona is already at 4000ft.  The views from the top were amazing!!! WARNING- I was given this flannel by the lady at the rental company to keep warm.  I resemble a boy or possibly a lesbo.  Don’t laugh, or do.

We were almost eye level with the red rocks and had could see all of Sedona from up there.  From there we had to take the highway over to Soliders Pass.  This was the hardest trail and was a lot of fun.  There were the 7 sacred pools and Devils Kitchen, which was a huge canyon.  The rental people warned us about one part of the trail that was more difficult then the rest and said to be careful and not do it unless we were completely comfortable.  So, once we reached that part we decided to give in a try.  Made it fine up until the very end.  It was a really big cluster of rocks that was very hard to get up.  Dad tried a few times and couldn’t make it.  I tried and finally made it up.  However, the way back down was a different story.  I started down the rocks and found myself on the ATV practically horizontal.  I knew that if I went any farther, my ATV was going to tip forward with me on it.  So….I told Dad that I had to jump off and that’s what I did.  This is kinda a hard story to explain but basically my ATV went rolling almost off the side of the mountain and Dad had to jump over and grab the break.  Somehow, he managed to get the whole thing on film and it is pretty hilarious so I will try and post that later.  Anyway, finished that trail and made it to the last one which was a blast as well.  Made it back to the shop a few minutes after 5, when they were due back.  The whole ATV experience was AWESOME!! 



Went over to a bar next door to have a couple of beers and watch the game.  Then went to dinner at the Cowboy Club.  Our waitress from the previous night told us that we had to go there so we did and she also told us we had to get their famous appetizer.  This consisted of, and YES you are reading this right, Cactus fries, buffalo skewers, and rattlesnake bites.  I didn’t even know cactus was eatable but it is and quite tasty.  The rattlesnake wasn’t so bad either…kinda tasted like chicken.  I love taking food pictures and even though I always resist, I thought this appetizer deserved a pic.  Cactus Fries, Buffalo, and Rattlesnake

After dinner, we were beat and are about to hit the hay for the long day tomorrow.

Were are going to be on the road by 8am to drive up through Oak Creek Canyon, to the Grand Canyon, then over to VEGAS!!!  More updates soon!! Miss you all!


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  1. Cecilia replied:

    Wow you two are brave souls, on the ATV I would have had a heart attack, no can do those scary and crazy not to mention my poor low back would have lost it!! Sounds like an amazing and brilliant recovery and rescue back to safety on both of your parts.
    Sedona beautiful, red rocks and the chapel. Can’t believe you ate rattlesnake!! loved the food pic.
    Drive safe,
    Miss you Christa, Love Mom

  2. Gina replied:

    I love reading this blog!! Your trip sounds so awesome so far!!! Where is this video?? Put it up asap! And as usual I love your commentary- “WARNING” hahah lesbo or boy??? I can’t believe you jumped off- well actually I can because you are so good at extreme sports! And also, I loved your food picture! K, I’ll be looking for the next update! Love you!

  3. armando montenegro replied:

    hello, my name is Armando and i just happened to stumble upon this blog. However, to my suprise find it quite intriguing. I have developed a strong feeling for Christa, who seems to be one of the stars of this blog. So, if for some reason she is reading this I would love to wish her safe travles, and hope she gets back to me if she has time.

    p.s. the pictures of her in the flannel that problly accidently leaked onto the web are H.O.T.! Give me some more, spicy mama!

  4. Adrienne Fanti replied:

    Hi Christa!

    I am so enjoying reading all about your travels out to California! It looks like you and your Dad are having the time of your lives!

    Keep up the detailed stories…I am living vicariously through them:) Drive safe!


  5. hennigcrosscountry replied:

    FYI I almost had a heart attack when I read the comment from Armando. Then realized it was a prank of Andy thank goodness!!!

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